We all have the power within us to live our life experiences the way we want.


This is not some crunchy mama sh** —

give yourself the opportunity to live your childbirth experience in an incredibly positive way and give your child a major head start in life!

The way in which we experience our pregnancy, consciously prepare the arrival of our baby, and the environment in which our baby is born all have an impact on his/her life. With HypnoBirthing®, parents have the opportunity to change the way they perceive birth and prepare as a team the biggest moment of collaboration they will ever live with their child.

Parents bond together during the course of the classes and see their love for each other flourish as they get ready to welcome another being into their family and into this world.

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method is a philosophy and technique that empowers parents in their pregnancy and in the preparation of their childbirth experience. This program educates parents on the real birthing process and they learn how a woman’s body is perfectly designed to birth her baby.

When parents release their fears and misconceptions of the birthing process, they can mentally and physically prepare for an easier birth. By practicing deep relaxation, auto-hypnosis (learning how to get in your zone and staying there), breathing techniques, visualizations and affirmations, parents finish the class pumped for their upcoming experience and often with a new way of seeing life.

HypnoBirthing Mongan method

Class details

5 classes
2.5 - 3 hours each

At night or on the weekend or during the day for those with flexible schedules, once or twice a week.


1 session with the group post birth to meet the new tiny humans and share each person's experience during the birth.

Time period

Time period to take the classes: between the 3rd and the 7th month of pregnancy.

$400 *

$750 *

* Includes the 5 classes, the post session, the book “HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method” and the CD with the guided rainbow relaxation and affirmations.


Are you super motivated to take this class but your partner doesn't share your enthusiasm? My husband is an engineer and very down to earth and he felt the same way when we were expecting our first. He took the class with me in support and solidarity of my wish to have a physiological birth. He was immediately convinced of the benefit of the course after the first class and even thanked me for pushing us to take it. This tends to be the trend with the parents that have taken my course. If you think it might be helpful, my husband would be happy to call to your partner to share his experience taking the course and partaking in two HypnoBirthing births.

Think of putting this course on your baby registry! My parents gifted the course to my husband and I as a gift for our daughter's birth and it was by far the best gift we received.


For us, the classes were a revelation. The main objective is to perceive childbirth as a positive, exciting and happy moment, that you will thoroughly enjoy, rather than as a bad experience you have to endure... and it works ! Despite some "special circumstances" and 36 hours of labor, we had a magical childbirth experience. This type of class, may first appear a bit seem too esoteric for some, but it is not so. We are ourselves scientists and very cartesian and we were totally hooked. Gaela offers different techniques during the training to achieve deep relaxation and couples are led to identify what speaks to them the most. After taking this class, we go to the maternity with a smile on our faces and without apprehension, which changes everything!"

C & A & Baby M

This class was the highlight of our week and we were so sad when the course ended. It changed everything for us!

M & S & Baby L

About me

Gaëla Fernandez Florin

"Tell me about the birth of your baby?" Too often the answer starts with “arghhh it was soooo hard”.... After the birth of my first baby, when prompted with this question I wanted to scream in joy and rant off about just how AMAZING my experience was—the disparity in answers to this question is what led me on my journey to helping parents prepare for an educated, empowered, and often easier birth.

I have done varied things with my professional life including working in finance, real estate, and working with an amazing non-profit art center called Creative Growth. I was so inspired by my HypnoBirthing experience with my first baby that I decided to become a certified HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method instructor. I'm now thrilled to be helping families prepare for their childbirth experience and also coaching people in their personal/professional lives.

I am from San Diego, CA and am lucky to have a French mom and Mexican dad. I just recently moved to Philadelphia with my family after living in Paris, France for close to 10 years. My French husband, Cyril, and I have two HypnoBirthing babies named Marlie and Owen.

I have recently had the chance to be interviewed by the Birth hour. It was such a special opportunity for me to share my 2 wonderful childbirth experiences. Link to Podcast : https://thebirthhour.com/two-birth-stories-paris-france/


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Ease, fluidity, joy

Wouldn't you want these words to describe your childbirth experience

(or even your whole life while you're at it) ?